Regain confidence in your heart’s ability

What you can expect at Medifit

Expert, Cardiac Rehab Staff

Our team of exercise specialists hold Masters Degrees in exercise science with a focus on cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiac diagnostic testing and clinical exercise training.
You can trust our highly trained, caring rehab staff.

Personalised Cardiac Rehab

Our entire cardiac rehab programme is based on peer reviewed scientific research and tailored to your needs.
Research clearly supports the health benefits of personalised cardiac rehab.

Cardiologist Preferred

We are the cardiac rehab programme recommended by cardiologists at leading heart health providers like The Heart Group, Ascot Cardiology, and other highly regarded cardiology practices.
You deserve the preferred choice for cardiac rehab.

We understand your anxiety around exercising after a cardiac event or diagnosis

Losing confidence in your heart’s ability is a huge barrier to taking up exercise. Regaining it is a journey you shouldn’t be expected to take alone.

That’s why we deliver scientifically proven cardiac exercise programmes under the guidance of expert cardiac rehab staff.

“The greatest benefit was the safety and security that comes from having trained staff design the right programme for my circumstances, and then monitor me one-on-one in every session.”

Chas, 60, Medifit client

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To regain your fitness, strength, energy and confidence after a cardiac event or diagnosis, you need a world-class cardiac rehab facility.

Look inside ours.

“The main benefit has been the feeling of being capable again and feeling like my sickness doesn’t rule my life.”

Kate, 30, Medifit client

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Tour the clinic.

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“From my very first meeting with the friendly and professional staff to the final exercise test, I felt that I was in very capable hands the entire time!”

Paul, 54, Medifit client